1. Superb Capability in Sorting
    Perfect Sorting using Gravity and the coefficient of Friction of the surface of grains
2. Easy Observation of the Process
    You can easily observe the process through the observing window
3. High Durability
    Special sealed bearing over all the circulating parts makes low noise and vibration
Model (Name) Form Capacity (T/H) Size (m/m) Power (HP)
Paddy Separator L size 7 stages 3.5 ~ 4 1830W x 1550L x 2010H 2
Paddy Separator L size 5 stages 3.0 1830W x 1550L x 1900H 2
Paddy Separator M size 4 stages (auto) 2.5 1800W x 1140L x 1750H 1
Paddy Separator M size 3 stages (auto) 2.0 1800W x 1140L x 1680H 0.5